Why Spoken Frame Media?

Quality drives our process. Personality makes your business unique.

Spoken Frame Media is a video production company that focuses on small to medium scale projects for companies of all sizes. We produce company overviews, live events, client testimonials, training videos, content marketing, music videos, and everything in-between.

Our priority is delivering quality video, every time. We bring your project to life with not only the best equipment - 4K cameras, lights, audio, drones - but with the filmmaking expertise to make the most of our gear at every shoot. And when the camera stops rolling, we transform the raw footage into an engaging video that clearly communicates the message of your project.

At Spoken Frame Media, we believe that your experience is just as important as producing a quality product. We value the time that you and your business are committing to this project, and can expect a punctual filming and editing schedule and exemplary communication throughout the entire production process.

Have a project in mind? Reach out to us to talk more. We look forward to collaborating with you!


Wesley Morgan

Founder & Creative Director

Wesley is a native Wisconsinite from New Glarus. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a degree in film. 

Video is his passion.  He is an experienced cinematographer and video editor and foremost believes in story-driven content. He has always told stories through film, and continues to create short films alongside his professional work. His short film “Fake Jewels” was an official selection in the 2017 Wisconsin Film Festival.

Wesley has a growth mindset and believes in continuous learning and improvement. New innovations and technologies are a constant in the industry, and Wesley stays up-to-date on the latest trends in video to deliver excellence for his clients.