Company Story Videos

Share your story.


Your story is unique. A Company Story Video focuses on who you are as a company: your history, your mission, and your competitive edge. These videos are great for enhancing your website, building your social media presence, or sending directly through email.

Live Event Highlight Videos

Capture the fun.


Create a video with all the energy and excitement of your live events. Each experience is a one-time opportunity: we know how important it is to have the right people behind the camera. With creativity and expertise, Spoken Frame Media creates a live record to share memories, engage those who missed out, and promote future events.

Social Media & Content Marketing

Stay engaged in a digital world.


Add value to your client base and attract new business with entertaining and relevant content that reflects your brand. From educational videos about your products, services, and industry, to fun, absorbing media that matches your company’s personality, Spoken Frame Media partners with you to create marketing that speaks to your audience.

Music & Dance Videos

Record you rhythm.


Your art is unique, so we collaborate with you to create videos that complement your music. Working with all artists from all genres and in all stages of their career -- whether you’re packing crowds in stadiums or on the corner of State Street -- we design videos that match your voice and style.